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The Roman city of Itálica, located in the Lower Guadalquivir, halfway between Seville (Hispalis) and Alcalá del Río (Ilipa), in what is now Santiponce, very close to the routes that connected with the mining area of the Sierra Norte de Sevilla and Huelva. It played an important strategic role, both politico-military and economic, during the High Roman Empire. Proof of this is that it came to occupy an area of approximately 52 hectares.

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With our Itálica Bike Tour, you can enjoy a pleasant bike ride and leave Seville to reach the neighbouring municipality of Santiponce where the historic city of Itálica is located.

The city of Italica is a must-see not far from Seville (7 km).

Our 4-hour tour will take you to enjoy the landscape of the Vega del Guadalquivir.

Italica guided tour

The origins of Itálica date back to 206 B.C., when the general Publio, during the second Punic War, defeated the Carthaginians at the Battle of Ilipa and established a detachment of legionaries on the Cerro de San Antonio, where a Turdetan population had already existed since the 4th century BC.

Although at first both communities lived together in this area near the Guadalquivir, the Roman element soon imposed its social and political ways. En la segunda mitad del siglo I a.C. la ciudad adquiere el estatuto municipal y, pasado el tiempo, durante el gobierno del emperador Adriano (117-138 AD), that of a colony, which put it on the same administrative level as the metropolis.

It was the cradle of emperors Trajano and Adriano, and the point of origin of many of the senators of the time.

At present, the Itálic Archaeological Ensemble it shows the visitor a splendid Roman amphitheatre and gives the possibility to walk through the layout of what were once its streets, as well as to see the houses, public buildings, art objects and utensils of daily life used by its inhabitants.

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